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    Options Trading Software - What You Need To Know About Software For Trading Options

    Options Trading Software - What You Need To Know About Software For Trading Options

    Author: Mike Singh

    These days, with most options being traded online, it is vital that you have a powerful software system that will allow you to trade at the most effective level possible and make more profit. A good trading software package does more than simply allow you to trade easily. Options trading software should also help you trade smarter and more profitably. There are a wide number of trading software packages available out there but you will be looking for the same basic features in all packages to help you become the most effective and most profitable trader possible.

    One thing to look for in any options trading software are the credentials of the company selling the software. Because there are literally dozens of systems out there, you will probably want to make sure that you are using a system that has been tried and tested by a lot of other traders, both professional and individual, and that the company has a good track record for delivering quality product.

    You will also want to have a close look at the options analysis software that the system provides. This type of software will allow you to look into potential trades before you make them, and will advise you on every aspect of the trade from a technical point of view. This is vital not only to avoid blatant mistakes that you may have overlooked, but also to help you decide between a number of similar trades when you need to identify the best one quickly.

    You will also require to be able to quantify trades, graphically present the trade to help you visualise what is happening, and allow you to make advanced calculations and simulations on a trade. All of this is to allow you to make disciplined and intelligent decisions with the information you need, before you trade.

    As well as the power and features of the software itself, what is vital for most traders starting out is that the company provides you with all of the support and information that you require. There will be many situations in which you will need assistance, sometimes at the last minute, and you need a company that provides you with this level of support.

    Also keep an eye out for good value added packages that software companies may provide you with, such as options trading advice and methodology or techniques that you may find useful.

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    About the Author
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    Why Use Option Trading Software?

    Why Use Option Trading Software?

    Author: Taylor

    Whenever a trader says that they are using options, it means that, as buyers or sellers, they are placing some kind of safety measures on the commodity they wish to acquire or vend. Although the basic analytical skill is necessary in order to become successful in this field. These days, companies have developed a number of option trading software.

    This software was developed with the intention of helping traders, brokers and businessmen alike. The purpose of this software is to simplify the analysis of the information a person gathers. By merely supplying the needed information, the software itself can compute for and plot the changes in the values of currencies and commodity.

    You might think that this is not necessary to invest on these costly systems and software, but they can actually ease the tasks that you need to accomplish. Aside from making the computation faster and plotting the information for easier visualization, they can even reduce the risks of investors when transacting business.

    This risk management function of any option trading software is especially important for commodities that are vital for human existence, like food, and even money or currencies. It helps ensure that all investments are good investments and even if there may be loses, the one with the least amount of risk will be the option that the software will suggest. Just think of it, even if you spend hundreds of dollars for software, programs and different systems, you might actually end up saving thousands from your business.

    Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/business-articles/why-use-option-trading-software-1808433.html

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    Stock Option Trading Software

    Stock Option Trading Software

    Author: Bill Stewart

    How do you actually manage your portfolio of stocks and options?

    How do you keep track of your profits (and losses)? How do you pick your next investment, or decide to get out of a position? Pencil and paper? A spreadsheet? Your online trading account? There may be a better way - using special-purpose software for all of these tasks.

    What could this software to do for you? Here's 10 things I would want from my software package:

    1. Historical reports of the status of the stocks I am interested in - if I trade stocks this is obviously important. If I trade options, it's just as important to know the progress of the underlying stocks before making buy/sell decisions.
    2. Automatically show trends, resistance levels, support levels - turning points are very significant in options trading.
    3. Allow manual creation of trend lines, projections, my own selection of resistance and support levels.
    4. Technical analysis of market data - e.g. showing candlesticks and other more complex analyses.
    5. Real-time trading data - what is happening right now in the market, showing current trading price ranges, trading volumes.
    6. Real time market news - prices can react rapidly to market news, both up and down, so it's important to know what is happening to the companies you are investing in or planning to invest in.
    7. Automatic recognition of potential patterns, such as double tops, double bottoms, head-and-shoulders etc. It would be useful to have your attention drawn to the occurrence of these well-known patterns, so you can then make your judgement as to the future movement of the price.
    8. Price movement alerts - the ability to specify price levels that you want to reach to trigger selling, moving up or down. These alerts would indicate you had reached your target profit level (hopefully) or your maximum acceptable loss level.
    9. Automated trade submissions - the ability to specify conditions under which you want to submit a buy or sell trade, depending on the price of stocks or options you specify, or even depending on price movements. For instance, you might submit your call options for sale once they have passed above a set value, if they subsequently fall by an amount you specify.
    10. Accounting - a continuous valuation of your portfolio, and also a historical report of cash in and out of your account, and purchases and sales of stocks and options showing profits and losses per trade, per day/week/month.

    A fundamental part of what you need for trading is actually the source of information, not just the means to make trades. In my list above I mentioned numerous data requirements - real time market data, real-time news etc. Your choice of trading software must take into account the availability of this data and the cost of providing it. If you are going to trade seriously, you will need real-time data with no time delay, whereas many of the 'free' data streams are actually delayed by 15 minutes or more. In fact, you might get your Stock Option Trading Software included in the account for the provision of the real-time data.

    Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/investing-articles/stock-option-trading-software-1350333.html

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    Bill Stewart is a former geek, working at home specialising in option trading and internet marketing. Visit his website Stock Option Trading Software& for the latest views on improving your trading success using software.

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