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Shopping for tax software (Last updated January 2016)
Many tax software programs are available to help taxpayers deal with the headaches that Income tax so often brings.

  • TurboTax Standard
    - software for Windows, download or on CD ROM online via TurboTax from Intuit Canada. English or French versions.
    Tax software review: TurboTax is Canada's most popular tax software as it guides you through your tax return step-by-step. TurboTax Standard right for you if your tax return will include donations, medical expenses, RRSPs or even tuition - and if you want to optimize deductions between spouses and family members. Plus, file online with NETFILE to get your refund in a bout 8 business days.
    In 2010 name of this software product was changed from QuickTax to TurboTax Canada
    - 2015 tax software price starts from $14.99 per tax return

  • UFile by Dr. Tax
    UFile is a tax software program with Quebec and NETFILE capabilities.
    Tax software review: You can either use the online software version or buy UFile tax software for Windows to install on your PC. CD with tax software price from $19.99 for 2015

    Tax software review: 2010 Individual License (T1 & TP1) TaxTron tax software for Windows Individual license will allow you to prepare and file one return with a net income over $30,000 and 19 returns for income under $30,000. You must enter a license code to be able to print or NETFILE any return. Windows 7, 2000, XP or Vista is required. .Net Framework Version 2 or higher is required.
    tax software price $12.99

  • TaxTron: The tax software is available in Windows and Macintosh versions, comes in English and French, can handle Quebec tax returns, and is NETFILE-capable. Support is available online or by phone in English, French, Chinese, Hindi, and Punjabi. see

    H&R Block
    Tax software review: Coming soon.

  • H&R Block: You can have H&R Block tax software complete your return for you, or use their Online Tax Program to do your own taxes from $4.99 and NETFILE your return. Go to for more information.

    Tax software review:

  • myTaxExpress: tax software for Windows users only, this tax program boasts a free trial before purchase, and is NETFILE certified.
    Supports returns for all provinces and territories but Quebec. does not support T1273 for Harmonized and AgriInvest Farming Program Information.
    Runs on Windows, Linux and the Mac. myTaxExpress provides email support and if problem cannot be resolved by email, the company will phone you and assist customers on their own computer. See for details.
    tax software price:
    - Last year - Unbeatable tax software price ($6.99 for 1-return license or $13.99 for 10-return license).
    - Current year - 1-return license costs $6.99, tax included.
    - Current year - up-to-10 return license costs $13.99, tax included. Free if personal total income less than $25, 000

    TAXWIZ Deluxe
    In 2008 TaxWiz software was discontinued.

  • TAXWIZ Deluxe: This tax software was Windows-only product from Intuit Canada is marketed to the beginner. It could handle Quebec and was NETFILE-compatible. Former web site
    New product is TurboTax Basic CD/Download tax software for Windows - Download or on CD ROM via TurboTax from Intuit Canada
    TurboTax Basic
    Tax software review: TurboTax Basic is easy tax software that includes step-by-step guidance with our EasyStep Interview, which asks you simple questions and uses your responses to fill in government approved forms that are up-to-date with the latest tax laws. TurboTax does all of the calculations for you and is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
    tax software price:
    - Last year - costs $19.99 and includes 8 returns

    Tax software review:

  • GenuTax: Downloadable multiyear tax software -you don't pay for annual updates! This tax software is Windows-only and doesn't support Quebec returns. It's NETFILE-compatible.
    If you would prefer to try GenuTax software before you buy it, a 30-day trial version is also available. However, in the tax software trial version of GenuTax, the printing and NETFILE functionality of the software is disabled.
    [2009 Review]You may purchase a copy of GenuTax Standard tax software for $34.99 plus applicable sales taxes, if you make your purchase before January 1, 2010.
    [Current year - Genu tax Review] Once you purchase a copy of GenuTax Standard tax software for $39.99 plus applicable sales taxes, annual tax software updates for future years are free.
    GenuTax Standard tax software allows you to prepare up to 20 tax returns for each tax year, without any income level limitations or extra fees per return.

    CuteTax Online
    Now -
    Tax software review: Tax Chopper - Canadian Online Tax Software (formerly CuteTax Online)
    - Last year - tax software price start at $9.98

  • CuteTax Online: Online software, NETFILE-compatible, but no Quebec returns. Get more info at

    Tax software review: Coming soon.

  • Taxman: Free tax software! Get the details at, and then download the software at Although you can't use a Mac, do Quebec returns, or NETFILE, you can print out the federal forms and mail them to the CRA. T1Filer
    description. T1Filer
    Tax software review: for 2014 10 tax returns from $29.99

    T1Filer from fredsoft

    Tax software review: Cutting edge Canadian tax software - TaxFreeway. CRA-certified NETFILE, 2D Bar Code and Computer-printed Tax Returns. Free tryout. [For Windows, Mac and iPod]
    tax software price:

  • TaxFreeway Current year - (for Windows) Up to 20 tax retuns for only $9.95.
  • TaxFreeway for Mac 2011 Up to 20 tax retuns for only $14.95
  • TaxFreeway 3-in-1 2011 (iPad, Mac and Windows) Up to 20 tax retuns for only $19.95

    TaxFreeway (
    TaxCycle Paperless Tax Office Suite of software for Canadian tax professionals and accounting firms will now provide drag-and-drop import of T4 slips created by the PaymentEvolution online payroll service.

    TaxCycle Paperless Tax Office Suite of software for Canadian tax professionals and accounting firms will now provide drag-and-drop import of T4 slips created by the PaymentEvolution online payroll service.

    Tax software review: Online Tax Filing. No tax software Download or Install. 128-bit SSL Security. Free to Use Built-in Error Checking & Tax Saving. Powerful tax software for Complex Returns. Easy to Use. Pay only When Ready to File. First tax return: $8.99 each additional return: $3.99

    EachTax (

    Tax software review: eTaxCanada - Easy and fast form-based online and Windows tax software for NETFILE. Free for student or taxpayer with net income less than $25,000.

    EtaxCanada (

    suspended from 2015
    Tax software review: Vating NETFILE certification from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

    FileTaxOnIine (

    Tax software review: Complete your personal tax return in minutes. Free tax software, no complex forms. Canada / USA personal tax returns.


    Tax software review: StudioTax 2008 will be made available FREE for personal use.

    Is StudioTax software right for you? StudioTax covers the overwhelming range of personal income tax scenarios from simple tax returns to more involved returns for self-employed, returns with rental income and everything in between. And you don’t have to guess what version you need or afford; only one fully tax software functional version is available for all at the affordable cost of $0.00/return!
    StudioTax Last year - - NetFile certified, Available free of charge, Only for Windows and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed. support Québec provincial returns.
    Very user friendly. Allows direct access of every PDF tax form.

    StudioTax 2014 is updated with the latest tax rules and credits including the new income splitting credit/Family tax cut(Schedule 1-A). StudioTax 2015 is being certified by CRA and Revenue Quebec. A software update will be available few days before the start of filing on February 15, 2016.


    Tax software review: WebTax4U is the complete online tax software solution to preparing and netfiling your income tax returns. From $12.99

    WebTax4U (


    description: AceTax - Tax Filing Made Less Taxing. Canadian Tax Software. NETFILE Certified by Canada Revenue Agency.
    Tax software review: Coming soon. From $8.99 returning to Ace tax: $6.99

    AceTax (

    5dollarTax NO 2013 version available

    description: 5dollarTax - file your tax return online! Quick, easy, and affordable.
    Tax software review: 5dollarTax - file your tax return online! Quick, easy, and affordable. For taxpayers of ALL PROVINCES AND TERRITORIES

    5dollarTax (

    Future Tax

    description: FutureTax - Canada Tax Software, NETFILE/EFILE Certified, Free Download. FutureCA Corp.
    Tax software review: FutureTax is an easy-to-use, secure and NETFILE/EFILE certified T1 tax preparation software package which allows you to submit your tax return online, or print and mail-in tax return forms.
    FutureTax license key is only required when to save NETFILE, to print or to optimize your tax return. Customers can try it first before purchasing the software. A refund will NOT be granted after a license key is issued.
    Tax software price:
    - 2009 CAD $5.99 for 1 Tax Return License.
    - Last year - CAD $5.99 for 1 Tax Return License.

    Future Tax ( UDoTaxes

    description: UDoTaxes the FREE Canadian Personal Income Tax Preparation Software is a simple, easy-to-use, and elegant canadian income tax software, which process your tax return quickly and efficiently.
    Tax software review: UDoTaxes allows taxpayers to submit their tax return online, or print and mail in their tax return.
    Totally FREE tax software! No license key is required on version 2010 the last version.

    Free tax software Canada 2013 tax return

    There are dozens of tax software programs. You can prepare your taxes and NetFILE your return for free using one of the CRA approved Free File websites and free software. Certified Software for the 2014 NETFILE Program (2013 tax return) can be found on
    Online service must be compatible with your browser. Downloadable tax software must be compatible with operational system of your computer. For example: support Windows 7 or windows 8. Support Mac or Android, Linux.
    Some Tax software supports EFILE web service that allows you to transmit your client's returns directly from your tax preparation software. You get an acknowledgement of the individual return instantly. Your software has the capability to simulate the batch filing process by transmitting multiple returns at once, and providing an instant acknowledgement of each return that you have transmitted. Find more on
    If you think that your version of tax software does not calculate correctly, fill-up the same information on the online version of turbo tax or other online software and compare if the values are the same. if it is, then why pay more for any tax software if you can get the same value from free one and donate any amount. At the start compare with Ufile or turbo tax and one software that has a free version.

    Tax software Online:

    Pay attention that some people have particular problems using the online version rather than the installed software. Suggestion is - always use the software because it’s much quicker, does not have any performance issues and you can play with different scenarios of income between spouses. Also check what version of Windows you have: 64 bit or 32 bit since some versions of software does not run in 64 bit mode.

  • AdvTax You can tax file anywhere with devices like laptop, iPad, Android tablet, Surface or even Android phone.
  • easyCTAX Online Tax software Free for everyone.
  • SimpleTax Free for everyone. This tax software support the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Does not support Internet Explorer 8. Support all provinces except for Quebec. tax software is support rental and business income and other taxscenarios. Software does not works for tax years before 2012. Simpletax software is iPad friendly.
    SimpleTax 2014 There are improved carry-forwards, reworked foreign tax credits, the option to get your notice of assessment online via My Account rather than through the mail.

    Free tax software for Windows:
  • GenuTax Standard Tax software Free for everyone. It can not be used to file Quebec provincial tax forms.
  • StudioTax 2014 / 2015 Tax software Free for everyone. For Windows only.
  • MyTax Free or $5.50 donation. Does not support NB, NL, NT, NU, PE, QC, SK, YT
  • TaxMan 2014 No Netfile and No Quebec TP-1-V

    [DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that downloading and installing this tax software is at your own RISK. We are not responsible for any damage or viruses you might get from using this tax software.]

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